January 15, 2015

Recent Work / Chow Sang Sang - Part I

Chow Sang Sang / Kitty N. Wong Illustration
Chow Sang Sang / Kitty N. Wong Illustration
Chow Sang Sang / Kitty N. Wong Lavender Jewerly Illustration
A few months ago I got to work on a super exciting project for Chow Sang Sang, a huge jewelry company here in Hong Kong. They asked me to illustrate the invitation for their 80th Anniversary Event.

The marketing manager for the company had seen my work through a mutual contact's social media and reached out to me. Yay, finally my hours of aimless internetting are paying off - MOMMMMMM!

The idea was to showcase their new line by using an illustrated model and photos of the real jewelry. This would also give the client more flexibility if they wanted to change up the pieces to be featured. 

Chow Sang Sang / Kitty N. Wong Rough Sketch
Here are the initial pencil roughs for the project, I really liked the last sketch with the gemstone background, but the client ended up going with Sketch A with a more mature vibe that's more in line with their market and with a more versatile single colour background.

And good thing as the event ended up having to be reorganized - as the original event was centered around a yellow diamond that was being flown in especially for the event but due to traffic restrictions from Occupy Central (solidarity!) the date and theme had to be changed. So pretty white pearls it was instead.

Chow Sang Sang / Kitty N. Wong Illustration Close Up
Close up of the hand-drawn logo I did for the event illustration. I love hand drawing logos and lettering for illustrations that I make, it's a small detail that really unifies the image - plus picking fonts is literally the bane of my existence.

Chow Sang Sang / Kitty N. Wong Fashion Illustration
This was such an amazing project to work on, thanks so much to Chow Sang Sang and their amazing team for their support! And I hope their guest really enjoyed opening up this lovely piece of mail with my illustrated girl in it.

Stay tuned for Part II of my collaboration with Chow Sang Sang! That blog post is coming up next week.

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January 5, 2015

Sketches / Prada Baby

Kitty N. Wong / Prada Baby Ballpoint pen and Digital Illustration
Prada Baby, 2015.

First day back at the desk, an one afternoon sketch to help me get back into the swing of things. Inspired by the Sasha Pivovarova for Prada ad. I'm just such a fan of drawing shoes and little animals.

Off to make dinner now, sooo hungry!

January 2, 2015

2014 in Review

Kitty N. Wong / 2014 in Review Illustration Collage
2014 in review.

1. Marilyn
2. Tod's / For Bagaholic Boy.
3. The Beermaid / For Hong Kong Tatler.
4. Vincent Van Girl
5. Fashion Week / For Lane Crawford.
6. Robert Mapplethorpe / Sketched on my London trip at the Tate Modern.
7. R.S.V.P. / For Hong Kong Tatler.
8. Go Places / Make Things
9. Nicole / For NIC416.com. Logo design for a friend's upcoming new website.
10. 5 Days in Tokyo / Shop the sticker + postcard set on Etsy.
11. Live sketches for Everybody Labo / The Hong Kong based skincare brand asked me to personalize the product labels for their media guests at their re-launch event with some live portraits. Check out some photos of the day here, and the bottles here and here.
12. Pradasphere / Shop the prints on Etsy.

Ahhhhhhh. Hi! My name is Kitty and I'm a 27 year old who can't understand the concept of time.
In my head in no way can it be 2015, that feels way too far into the future I remember exactly how January 2014 felt and it for sure doesn't feel like 365 days ago. "Where did this year go?" doesn't even begin to describe my sense of time diaspora.

So, for some concrete proof that I didn't spend all year looking at Instagrams of dogs in bed it's fun to look back on all the work I made this year. Did I get better? I definitely painted less and started to rely more on the quick ballpoint pen sketches which I then coloured digitally. I guess that's what style is, just something you end up doing out of habit. You do it more and more and become more confident at it and it's a positive feedback loop. 

Maybe it's because I did more traveling this year (yay!) but I remember each month so clearly, which is a nice feeling because usually when I look back on the year it's all one giant blur. Having something special to look forward to and remember every few months really gives a nice sense of division to the year.

The only thing I really regret is not having made one single Intro to Fashion History comic all year, it's a project I kept meaning to do but it's so easy to put off personal projects, especially if they take a bit of planning and researching. I'm definitely going to have to change that in 2015.

How was your 2014? Did it zoom by for you as well? Are you also a refugee of 2014 floating across the oceans of time waiting for the right to land in the land of opportunity of 2015? I wanna hear all about it!

December 8, 2014

Sketches / Pradasphere

Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
Did you know Lorde was in town? Playing a secret concert for the opening of Prada's new exhibition Pradasphere in Hong Kong? No? Me either, but don't worry us plebes still got the chance to check out the fabulous exhibition housed in a temporary but glorious structure on top of Pier 4 in Central.

You've never seen the Lamma Island pier look so glamourous, the whole building got a Prada makeover with 'Yue Shue Wan' proclaimed in white letters on a sleek black background. And when you step inside onto the lush black and green checkered carpeting you are transformed into Miuccia's world and the brand's history starting from the 1970's onwards.
Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
If it's one thing I love it's visiting fashion exhibitions.
Here's a few of the sketches I made at the exhibition, I love doing quick sketches while looking at the real thing it makes all the difference in making drawings with a lively immediate quality. After I got home I added a thin wash of colour in gouache and watercolour.
Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch

Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
All these Prada shoe prints are available for sale on my Etsy shop, I'm also selling the set of original little sketches too, email me if you want to cop those.

Click through for the [IMG HEAVY] post with all the delicious photos from Pradaphere, warning-- you'll want to buy all the things.