November 30, 2015

Fashionary Illustration Workshop + Metrobooks Exhibition Photo Diary

Fashionary Fashion Illustration Workshop Kitty N. Wong
Guess what! Thanks to the wonderful folks at Fashionary, you can now go check out one of my illustrations on display at Metrobooks in Times Square. They organized an exhibition for the book store's grand opening at Times Square in Causeway Bay featuring 9 other talented illustrators from around the world.

Fashionary Fashion Illustration Workshop Kitty N. Wong
I thought this would be a really good chance for me to make a whole Fashionary blog post as I also got to lead a really amazing fashion illustration workshop with them this past March. It was in the gorgeous newly renovated Page One bookstore in TST. I was really nervous but I spent a few weeks prepping with the awesome team at Fashionary.

This is always my strategy. I always think about this quote by John C Jay, Wieden+Kennedy’s Executive Creative Director, if I have a new project I'm really nervous about: "Work harder than anyone else and you will always benefit from the effort.". I just make sure I do lots of prepping and practicing and set aside time to do so and then I can confidently walk into that project and really feel excited about doing it. This strategy has always served me really well (ok, minus that one time I tried to design a complete wedding suite on Adobe Illustrator, CTRL + ALT + DELETE! I still don't really know how AI works.).

Fashionary Fashion Illustration Workshop Kitty N. Wong
Fashionary Fashion Illustration Workshop Kitty N. Wong
After a short demo, everyone settled down with their own set of watercolours and Fashionary template paper and I lead us with step by step directions on how to create the illustrations, first using pencil to sketch, Copic markers for the skin and then finally watecolour for the clothing.  

Fashionary Fashion Illustration Workshop Kitty N. Wong
We then practiced the face on a separate piece of paper before committing to drawing it on our final illustration, it takes the pressure off and you know what they say, practice makes perfect progress.

Fashionary Fashion Illustration Workshop Kitty N. Wong
Fashion Illustration on table students
Vikki Yau was the other illustrator from the day, she lead the Copic Marker workshop in the afternoon and she's also the editor of Fashionary Hand.

Fashion Illustration Workshop attendees with illustrator
My wonderful students and I! I hope everyone had as much fun at creating their own fashion illustrations as I did teaching the workshop.

And shout out to one of the attendees Alyn for her sweet review and blogpost about the workshop! Thank you so much!

CLICK for photos of the Metrobooks Fashion Illustration Exhibition.

September 30, 2015

Sketches / #Girlboss in NYC

#Girlboss NYC Live Sketch
I finally blogged! It's been forever, I've been hanging out all summer long in the greatest city in the world, New York City! And it really is the greatest city, there are a million great events to go to everyday, drawing events, comic jams, outdoor movies, yoga in Central Park. And yesterday was Sophia Amoruso's paperback book launch for #GIRLBOSS at Barnes & Noble in Union Square.

I remember first discovering the Nasty Gal website in university when one of my cool girl classmates told me about it, I loved it and always checked back to see what was new. They have such a strong look. You could just tell all the women at the event were huge fans too, everyone had that Nasty Gal 'look', there was lots of black, in mesh, lace and lacey mesh, 'marsala' (which Sophia said was huge for this season), floppy hats, dark lips and platform shoes. So while we waited for the event to start, there was a lot of marshaling to be done seeing as there were 500+ eager gals there, I made some sketches to pass the time.

Sophia had lots of awesome wisdom tid-bits during the talk, some of my faves were:

"Money looks better in your bank than on your feet." Cha-Ching! So true.

On creating your dream job.
"Professionalize what you love doing, that's what I did with vintage clothing."

From a Q+A from an aspiring stylist.
"Take quality photos of all your looks, get a Squarespace. Archive everything."

Well you know I love female role models (Hi Hillary!) and the entrepreneur spirit, so of course I can't wait to finally read the book. Plus! The book has amazing badassy illustrations by Jo Radcliffe.

#Girlboss NYC Book Launch

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June 16, 2015

Paintings / Pink Lady

Kitty N. Wong /  Pink Lady Gouache Painting
Pink Lady, 2015.
Gouache and pencil on paper.
55 cm x 39 cm.

One of the super awesome things I've been enjoying about New York is the endless live figure drawings sessions that are happening all the time in the city. Last night we had one at the School of Visual Arts and I'm so happy I went (Sorry homework!).

It was my first time doing a really long pose, when they announced the next pose was going to be two hours I initially thought "What am I going to do for two hours???" but I ran upstairs to my desk and grabbed my gouache palette and I was so happy with this piece which I finished during the two hour session.

Check out the WIP shot on my Instagram.

June 14, 2015

Illustrations / Rowing Blazers

A place so nice they named it twice. I've been busy busy since I got here about two weeks ago, I'm doing the illustration summer residency course here at the School of Visual Arts, drawing non-stop and exploring this gigantic city. I've got a huge backlog of stuff I want to share with you guys, so much exciting stuff has been happening to me but unfortunately you can only be cool online or offline - not both, you greedy bastard!

My eyeballs are burning while I'm writing - I need to go to bed. Do you guys even care that I write anything? Anyways, here are some pretty pictures and the illustrations from a cool event I got to go to last week it was the launch party of the book Rowing Blazers, it was hosted in the gorgeous and historic National Arts Club and they had two models for the drawing club that usually meets there to draw from - and so I crashed the party! 

 CLICK THROUGH for photos from the event and a peek of the work from the drawing club.